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Welcome to the World of the Magi Civilization

If your looking for a bit of Role- Playing action, then this is the site for you! This site is recommended for those who have played Dungeons & Dragons or similar RPGs.

The Magi Chronicles RPG is the futuristic version of D&D. Similar basic rules apply, but the gaming is different from other RPGs. You can wield guns, command vehicles, storm the battlefront, and witness the awesome power of the Elements.

Experience the power of Role- playing like you've never witnessed before. All- new Races and Classes at your disposal, new enemies and monsters that lurk around every corner of the battlefield makes this a true RPG adventure you will never forget. You may need some Dungeon tiles, Miniatures, and don't forget the Dice! If you don't have a D&D Book, don't worry- the basic rules will be covered here as well (as they should be).

Come on and explore the new world of the Magi Chronicles. The Future... is NOW.

Magi Chronicles RPGEdit

Below are the different pages to the game. Each section is a different reference with other smaller sections describing the core mechanics and specifics of the game.

Player's Guide

Battle Master's Guide

Monster Databases

(More coming soon...)

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